Flushing skid units

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Flushing skid units

Contamination by solid particles is the biggest cause of faults in hydraulic circuits and lubricating oil, with up to 80% of machinery maintenance being due to contaminated operating fluids.

Effective flushing removes the contaminants from circuits thanks to high speed pumping in the circuit pipework.The turbulent and high speed flows induced in the circuit pick up contaminating particles and transport them along the system to the flush unit filtering system.

For new hydraulic circuits or those under renovation, it is important to clean the pipes to remove any debris (dirt, dirt, dust particles, water, etc.), thereby preventing compromises or premature failures.

Routine filtration and high-speed/hot oil flushing are important procedures for the preventive maintenance of all rotational type systems and machines.

The harmful effects of contaminating particulates have been well documented with particular regard to the premature compromise or failure of components.  One way to ensure good cleaning is to perform regular flushing. By introducing hot oil or flush liquid into the hydraulic system at a very high flow rate, a turbulent flow is obtained, which removes particles that would otherwise attach to the walls during laminar flow.The particles are then removed from the pipes after being passed into one or more high performance filters.

Filtereco manufactures high-speed flushing skid units for:

  • gas turbineS
  •  steam turbines
  • hydraulic turbines
  • transformers
  • loading switches
  • supply pumps
  • windmills for grinding coal
  • thermo-electric power plants
  • diesel, gas and bio gas engines
  • wind farms
  • incinerators
  • compressors
  • cranes