Pre-filtration and pre-filters

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Pre-filtration and pre-filters

Filtereco manufactures pre-filtration and pre-filter systems of various kinds, static or on wheels.They can be fitted with filter clogging control systems, and can also be equipped with a pump.

Pre-filtration allows an initial coarse filtration, which is useful for maintaining clean tanks and the best performance of subsequent filters or systems, or can be used as a filtration unit for passing the end product into the tank.

These systems can also function as actual filters, simply by replacing the coarse filter element with one that has a much finer mesh.The range of pre-filters varies from 5 litres/min to 500 litres/min as required.

Pre-filtration can be used in any industrial sector to filter waste oils or fats, but not just that. Pre-filters can also be used to filter any kind of fluid, alimentary or not.

Filtereco has installed pre-filtration systems to:

  • filter oils (mineral, hydraulic, vegetable, olive oil)
  • filter paints
  • filter solvents
  • filter fruit juices
  • filter beer
  • filter chocolate
  • filter water

It can also design and build alternative solutions to company standards.Any such request will be carefully studied.