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Cooling lubricant monitoring

Filtereco has produced two types of cooling lubricant monitoring for industries:




Coolant lubricant monitoring is, as its name implies, a monitoring system that allows you to instantly and continuously detect the concentrations of working fluids to determine its status, to provide visual/acoustic alarm so the operator can manually make any changes needed to the fluid itself to continue optimal working.Sensors and operator display panels make monitoring easy and intuitive.

Ideal system for:

  • metallurgical industries, such as tempering, small metallic parts, etc.;
  • foundries
  • all type of CNC machinery


  1. to conduct predictive monitoring, and improve cooling lubricant/emulsion fluid management in metalworking companies
  2. to perform continuous, accurate and automatic sampling of the processing fluid
  3. to allow an instant visual inspection of the coolant lubricant fluid 24 hours a day
  4. o allow the company to have a scientific, continuous control, thereby eliminating human errors in reading the processing parameters


Monitoring Coolant Lubricant Pro is a genuine all-in-one system fitted with

  • a water softening system that doesn’t use resins and membranes, unique of its kind
  • an automatic mixer designed for generating emulsions
  • an interconnected sensor system that’s capable of simultaneously interacting with company PC/tablets.

MONITORING COOLANT LUBRICANT PRO allows you to monitor coolant lubricants at 360°, as it monitors

  • the fluid levels in tanks, re-filling them automatically when necessary,
  • it also monitors concentration, correcting it when necessary,
  • and finally, it keeps pH under control along with bacterial load..


  1. to automate, using predictive monitoring, the management of coolant lubricating fluids/emulsions at mechanical engineering companies
  2. to avoid production problems due to poor coolant lubricant management (e.g. rust on the pieces, tool breaks, uncontrolled bacterial growth)
  3. to facilitate easy and instant control and correction of coolant lubricant fluids 24 hours a day
  4. to keep the standard of fluids high without having to rely on an operator
  5. to eliminate human error during the stages of reading and adjusting the process fluids

Ideal system for:

  • metalworking industries, such as tempering, small metallic parts, etc.;
  • foundries
  • all type of CNC machinery
  • all industries that not only need continuous control of their processing fluids, but also have a high production and require high process efficiency, to prevent human errors